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You Are Loved Beyond Measure

The winds and the temperatures are going up and down in our communities; however, one thing is constant: We are all doing the very best that we can to express our inner, divine selves; also referred to as the Christ Consciousness. The human ego (which is our intellectual self) is quick to judge by appearances; however, our Elder Brother taught us not to judge by appearances; but to give righteous judgment. Understand the inner meaning of the words righteous judgment to be: right use of spiritual law. I also like to think that the right use of spiritual law is applying the Law of Love. In this Sunday's Lesson, we will consider the words: "You are loved beyond measure." (Scripture references are Ephesians 3:19 and Romans 8:38-39). For many years I thought that the author of the phrase, "You are loved beyond measure" was Marianne Williamson, the respected spiritual author and teacher; however, with a bit of Bible research, I found out that Marianne Williamson's phrase was actually based on the two Bible references listed above. She is also a student of A Course in Miracles and has authored several books on the topic that we all are loved beyond measure. We are also blessed beyond measure with our new Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen who will entertain us this coming Sunday. Also, we have a free gift for everyone who attends this Sunday's service at 11:30 a.m. You will receive a gift of the new Silent Unity Lenten Study Booklet: Release & Renew. It is beautifully done and will be a guide for our 40 days of spiritual preparation for Easter Sunday. March 2, 2022 is Ash Wednesday and is the first day of our Lent study. Consider Lent as a time of inner thought, meditation and affirmations to really connect with the Spirit of Grace and Peace. We give thanks for loyal volunteers: Marshall Hall at the Sound Board; Rick & Patty Halliday and Janet Bailey who make the coffee and set out the donated salads, fruit, side dishes and desserts each Sunday. Yes, all of us at Unity Church of the Valley, are Loved Beyond Measure! Lovingly, Rev Jeri Linn Image can be purchased from From the Ground Up Gifts on Etsy

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