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Rejecting Others' Approval

Our study book for Lent is from Silent Unity: "40 Days: Let Go, Let God." This Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of Lent and the message is certainly thought provoking:  "Jesus Let Go of Others' Approval." An interesting thought because many of us grew up believing that Jesus declared to His Disciples and the multitudes who followed him, eager to hear His spiritual messages: "The Father and I are one, etc. believed that He was truly perfect. 

Why wouldn't everyone believe He was indeed the Son of God and had a Mission to come to Earth to teach all of us the perfect path to Healing, Love, Peace, Prosperity and connecting with our Father-Mother God?

The article in our Lenten booklet for the 2nd Sunday of Lent is thought provoking because it shows that Jesus was so filled with Self Confidence and clearly knew and accepted His Divine Purpose for His Ministry on Earth, that He could completely ignore and release so called "Approval" from those who followed Him or even criticize His Mission, knowledge of Old Testament Prophets and High Priests (Elders from the Synagogues).

Spend a few minutes in meditation and claim your connection with your Father-Mother God.  Your connection is indeed Self-Confidence!  Your True Self is Divine.  You are Intelligent, Wise and Strong. You are filled with Vibrant Life in every cell in your body!  You are Creative and Yes, I believe You Will Do Great Things!

God Is Blessing You Now and the Only Approval that you need is Self-Approval.  Some Call that Self Love!

Peace Be With You,

Rev. Jeri Linn

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