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I Let Go and Let God

Good news: Our Unity 2024 Lenten Study Book "40 Days: Let Go and Let God" has arrived.  I have copies available in our church office.  Consider your copy as a free gift to you from Unity Church of the Valley. 

The practice of Lent is our spiritual preparation for Easter when we celebrate Jesus' Ascension into the higher realm referred to as The Kingdom of Heaven.  Lent is a time of meditative prayer and self-reflection into our own consciousness.  What do we believe to be true, and do we put our spiritual beliefs into practice? To quote Rev. Teresa Burton, Editor of the Daily Word Magazine: "There is no better time than the Lenten season to let go of what we're holding onto. This process of release prepares us for the glorious resurrection of Easter."

This coming Sunday is Ann Louise Christensen's final Sunday with us as our Music Director.  She wants to increase the size of her Sunday afternoon music classes and also be free to play in a tennis league (they already won their first tournament!) 

In her place we have asked Richard Ihara to be our new Music Director.  He is also a very talented musician and has played at Unity ministries.  Richard is a gentle soul and feels very comfortable with our congregation, so he is a very good fit for us at Unity Church of the Valley.

Image by Giani Pralea from Pixabay

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