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The Compassionate Heart

Our Lesson this coming Sunday is "The Compassionate Heart." Divine Love is a God Quality. God as Universal Source is Absolute Good and Absolute Love. This same God Qualities reside within us, as well. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Compassion as the ability to be feel sympathetic pity for the suffering or misfortune of others (i.e. "The victims should be treated with compassion"). Personally, I don't like the word "Victim" and following the Spiritual Principles taught by the founders of Unity, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, all so-called victims should be regarded as Survivors! When you are a surviving, you are rising above a challenging time and overcoming dire circumstances. Each one of us has the Christ Spirit within and the same wisdom, strength, love, power and determination to refuse the negative, fearful, limiting conditions of being labeled a "victim." To hold the thought, belief and healing energy of true compassion is a major step in our spiritual growth to see life differently! Compassion, to the Buddhist Tradition is to "suffer together." I think that is interesting, as it certainly follows that whatever injures or harms another human being, land animal, marine life, birds of the air, plant life, eventually harms all of us. Consider the thought: The Opposite Mental/Emotional State of Compassion is Criticism. Criticism can also be characterized as Negative Judgment and Feeling Superior to others. Jesus had quite a bit to say about this topic. In our Sunday Lesson, we will share some examples of Jesus teaching the Higher Law of Love and Compassion. Our Lesson is supported by wonderful music by Ann Louise Christensen, our new Music Director for Unity Church of the Valley! Marshall Hall is at the Sound Board and after the service, we have a time of refreshments and honoring each other with Valentine's (both cards and good humor). Patti Halliday, Rick Halliday and Janet Bailey get the coffee ready and set out the donated salads and desserts for our enjoyment each week. If anyone who is on the "This Week at Unity Church of the Valley" e-mail list and you happen to live in a part of the United States affected by inclement weather, please call our Church Office for Supportive Prayer: 818-249-4396 or send a Reply to this current email. We are a spiritual community that believes in the power of prayer! As my friend, Rev. John Wolcott Adams (Founder of the Golden Key Ministries, located in Phoenix, AZ) likes to say: "Live Life Lovingly!" Blessings, Rev. Jeri Linn Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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