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Miracles: past, present and future

Updated: Jan 27

This coming Sunday, 1 28 2024 is the last Sunday in January 2024 and we have a few announcements:  First of all, our dear Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen has tendered her resignation after two (2) years of faithfully serving Unity Church of the Valley, providing her talent as our pianist and sharing her creative ideas to help carry on the Unity message of Practical Christianity.

Ann Louise is also in demand on Sunday afternoons to teach piano students. She wants to increase the size of her piano classes for her students on Sundays and also has joined a tennis league (with tournaments on Sunday afternoons).

 We have been blessed through the last few months with Mr. Richard Ihara who started as a substitute musician and finally, he has agreed to serve as our new Music Director.  He is also a very talented musician and has performed at several Unity churches.  Thank you, God for encouraging Richard to step forward as our new Music Director

Technically, Ann Louise's last Sunday will be 2 4 2024 and we will have a chance to bless her and wish her well in her expanded role as a Piano Teacher.  I know her students will learn so much from her in their classes.

Our Lesson this Sunday: 1 28 2024 is on the topic of "Miracles: past, present and future!" A Miracle is an event or effect in the physical world beyond or out of the ordinary course of things.  Nothing just happens.  All happenings are the result of cause and can be explained under the law of cause and effect.

Our affirmation for this Sunday's Lesson is: "I dwell in the midst of Divine Protection where Good follows Good; Miracle follows Miracle and Wonders Never Cease!"

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I see healing, love, strength, guidance and abundant prosperity for each one of you!!

Rev. Jeri Linn

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