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Ideas that Catch Fire

Blessings to each one of you on this beautiful, warm day! Those of us in Southern California are so grateful for a break in the rain and blessed by the sunshine, the abundant blooms and the chance to walk in our lovely neighborhoods.

After the Resurrection of Jesus Christ that we celebrated on Easter, Jesus made several appearances to his Disciples, family and close friends for 40 days before He Ascended into the Kingdom of Heaven. His last recorded appearance is referenced in Acts 1:13-14 (also see: John 20:22-23) known as the "The Upper Room." It is also called The Great Commission as Jesus breathes the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples and close knit "Followers of the Way" (who later became known as Christians).

Colorful flames of fire descend on the heads of the Disciples while they are in a deep state of prayer and they begin to speak in tongues of foreign languages, which seems very logical as Jesus blesses them and sends them forth to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many foreign lands. From the events in the Upper Room, they are no longer called Disciples; but, are now know as Apostles. The have become Masters in teaching all that they learned from the ministry of their beloved Teacher, Jesus Christ.

We have people on our Unity Prayer List and to name a few:

Please pray with Marshall Hall for physical strength, balance and mental clarity; Patti Halliday for complete recovery from recent cataract surgery.

Olesia Wojciesyn for Divine Order & Divine Right Action to repair a leak in a wall in her condo; Ann Louise Christensen and her husband Eugene (Geno) Escarrega as they prepare for their vacation to Italy to celebrate the marriage of Geno's daughter; prayer support for me for Divine Order in medical appointments scheduled in May and July (eye injections for my right eye; preparation for cataract surgery); annual routine medical appointments and finally, Let us continue to give prayer support to all the citizens of the Ukraine for peace, protection and Divine Right action.

Loving Blessings,

Rev. Jeri Linn

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