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I Thrive!

This Sunday, our Lesson is: "I Thrive!" Feeling whole, well; connected with the One Power & One Presence and opening our hearts to the abundant flow of prosperity are all parts of the beautiful picture that comes to your mind when you shout: "I Thrive!" Accept that you are here to prosperously thrive! The old year of 2021 is now history. We are living in the Now. It is the only place that can exist. If you have any buried fears about living a prosperous life, release these old, limiting ideas. Negative, limited thinking and living is NOT FOR YOU! Begin right here and now to declare that it is your Divine Right for you to live in prosperity, which is simply experiencing the wholeness and well-being of All Life. It is your divine right (your Inheritance) to have plenty of everything: Love, Peace, Health, Joy, Energy, Substance and of course: Plenty of Money! Supporting our Thriving Theme this Sunday is: Marshall Hall, our devoted sound board technician, Rick & Patti Halliday & Janet Bailey with Hospitality in Chaffee Hall. We are introducing to you Richard Ihara who is "auditioning" as a new musician with our congregation. He comes with high recommendations from Cindy White (one of our former Guest Music Directors) and her dear friend, "Jaimie,"( sorry, I don't have Jaimie's last name). Ann Louise Christensen (Christensen Music) is our new Music Director. She officially begins March 6th! Ann Louise will decide if Richard Ihara or another musician on our music team, will fill in on the months with a 5th Sunday, or even serve as a backup performer if she needs it. Congratulations, Ann Louise! Reminder: Our Unity Church of the Valley Annual Meeting is this coming Sunday (1 30 2022), following a brief time of Hospitality in Chaffee Hall. The Annual Meeting is for the purpose of reviewing church business of the past year of 2021. Anyone can attend; however, only official church members in good standing may vote on church business. The Board Members and I anticipate a brief Annual Meeting as, there are no new Board positions open and we are financially sound as a 501.c Non-Profit Organization. But, the best news: We are healthy! Thank you, God! We celebrate the Good at Unity Church of the Valley! Loving Blessings, Rev. Jeri Linn Image by Jukka Virtamo from Pixabay

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