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Becoming a Mighty Magnet for Love

February is starting off with some very good news for Unity Church of the Valley: The Board of Trustees and I have offered the position of Music Director to one of our popular musicians, Ann Louise Christensen and she has accepted! We have accelerated her first start date of March 6th to this coming Sunday of February 6th. We couldn't wait to get her on board with our music program for every Sunday service. She will be in charge of hiring a 5th Sunday musician and it looks like after a telephone conversation with me, we agreed our back up person for the months with a 5th Sunday would be Richard Ihara! Richard was referred to us by a beloved former member of our music team, Cindy White. Richard "auditioned" for us last Sunday (1 30 2022). He is an amazing pianist and we all loved his lively performance! So, congratulations to our new Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen and to Richard Ihara as her back up for the 5th Sunday months! We also want to express gratitude to Matthew (Matt) Lamy who has played for us at least twice a month for several months. He is a popular Los Angeles musician and an excellent jazz musician. Matt was referred to us by a former member of our music team, Marc Bosserman (who has moved to the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area of South Florida. We wish Marc & his wife, Joni, much success and happiness in their new home. Since February is known as "the Month of Love," the Sunday Lessons and music will help us understand the spiritual expressions of a Divine Idea: LOVE and how to be a channel of this God quality in our daily lives. Sounds easy; however, sometimes love or the lack of it, can be confusing. The Lessons include the topic of literally Becoming a Mighty Magnet for Love, focusing on developing a compassionate heart in relationships, with your pets and with all forms of life; focusing on Forgiveness and realizing that You are Loved Beyond Measure (a la Marianne Williamson). Someone else whom we love and appreciate, Marshall Hall, our Sound Board Technician (90 years young)! Also, every week Patti & Rick Halliday and Janet Bailey set out our refreshments and coffee for Hospitality ... volunteerism is a generous act of Love! Remember that: On Sunday, 2 13 2022, we will have some fun with a Valentine's Day Party during our Hospitality in Chaffee Hall after the Sunday Service. An Extra Prayer and Blessing to you, your families and to all who are shoveling snow in the Mid-West and all along the Northeast Coast. Let's hold in prayer everyone who is struggling with extreme weather conditions: "May the Light of God Surround You; the Love of God Enfold You; May the Power of God Protect You; May the Presence of God watch over you, for Wherever you are, God Is and All is well!" Rev. Jeri Linn Image by Thank you very much ❤ For every donation ☕ from Pixabay

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