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We had a wonderful start to our New Year of 2024 with Annual Burning Bowl service last Sunday (New Year's Eve of 12 31 2023.) Goodbye and God's Blessings of Peace and gratitude for all that the past year of 2023 brought to us.

Now, let us put our thoughts, energies, prayers and meditations upon creating the New Year of 2024!.  My Lesson title this coming Sunday (1 7 2024 is: "ASK FOR MORE IN 2024!  Yes, we will consider that as our new Unity Cheer for at least the month of January in the New Year!

Our Guest Music Director, Richard Ihara, is another talented musician that we can ask to fill in for us on any Sunday that our beautiful Ann Louise Christensen is not available.  She has a busy schedule and understandably, needs a backup musician to step up and provide music for our services in her absence.

Richard also has the delightful family responsibility of becoming a new grandfather of a beautiful little boy: "Kino" which is a Japanese word that carries the connotation of "lucky one or child of fortune; joyful and richly blessed."  Richard has even composed beautiful music to honor little Kino, which he played for us last week and I believe he would be willing to play his original composition for us again, this coming Sunday.

Here is a suggestion for our Lesson on Sunday: Our Elder Brother Jesus gave us an important insight into developing a higher consciousness awareness of our Divine Inheritance. You can read in the New Testament the simple steps to attracting all forms of wealth into your life by applying the formula: A S K   Ask  Seek and Knock and every conceivable door will be opened to you: Doors of Light, Life, Love Intelligence and Joy.  Your scripture references are in Matthew, chapter 7, verse 7 and in Luke, Chapter 11, verses 9 - 10.

In Joyous Love and Appreciation for each one of you!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Kelly Sikkema / saved by grace (shared via Unsplash from Wix)

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