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Accept the Possible!

Yes, it is hot outside and will probably be very warm this coming Sunday: July 16, 2023, so feel free to dress in cool, casual clothes. Fortunately, we follow the Center for Spiritual Living's service and the air conditioning will be on.

Our Lesson this Sunday from our Silent Unity July booklet: "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life," is on "Accept the Possible!" How many times have you heard someone complain: "It is just impossible" and just give up on their goal or task at hand?

However, remember that our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ said to His Disciples and to the multitudes who followed him: "With God, all things are possible!" He also taught that if we had just a tiny bit of faith ... the faith of the size of a tiny grain of a mustard seed, we would be able to move mountains.

Affirm for yourself & your loved ones: "I have faith in God and with God, nothing is impossible!"

Believe in the Mighty Power of God Within You!!


Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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