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40 Days of Letting Go

Today reveals blue skies with a few white, fluffy clouds; however, the weather reports state that rain will begin this evening and be quite heavy tomorrow! Let us all visualize a good, clear day for this coming Sunday's service! We are studying "40 Days of Letting Go," Lent series of spiritual lessons for 2023. This Sunday we will discuss various ways we can actively be in the process of of Letting Go, in particular: Anger, Anxiety and Blame. We have a few copies of this year's Lenten Booklet still available ... a free gift for those attending our Sunday service at Unity Church of the Valley. Christensen Music is our Music Director's company: We all enjoy her talent, love and good humor in our Sunday service every week! Also, whenever Marshall Hall, a member of our church feels well enough to join us for a Sunday service, Ann Louise picks him up on her drive in to our church. Another kind member of our church, Janet Bailey, gives him a ride home! God Bless these two kind and talented ladies for being channels of loving service! This Sunday, we are celebrating St Patrick's Day a little early in our Sunday Hospitality time! Feel free to dress in green and bring a "green" appetizer, salad, entree or dessert for the Hospitality Table. We will also sing Happy Birthday to the March Birthdays. One Birthday that I know of is for: Olesia Wojciesyn (Birthday on 3 21). I have a sister (Teresa) with a March 13 Birthday and a Great Niece on March 3rd). If you have a March Birthday, please send a reply to this email or call our Unity Church Office: 818 249 4396 to give us the happy date! We are currently holding prayer energy for our friends in Crestline, CA who have been snowed in and some unable to leave their homes to get food or medicine. We are also holding a prayer consciousness for all citizens of the Ukraine, visualizing the protective White Light of Christ protecting them and leading to a peaceful resolution with Russia. Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with our own thoughts, feelings, expressions and divine right actions. In Love and Peace,

Rev. Jeri Linn

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