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Wake Up and Live!

Well, my favorite weather forecaster, Dallas Raines on ABC, Channel 7 TV states that this lovely day will soon turn much colder, with winds and probably some rain. We do need the rain; but, when I heard his forecast, I couldn't help but think: "It is so good to rely on our spiritual teachings in Unity: "With Faith, We Can Weather Any Storm!" (no pun intended)! Today's Daily Word Message (Thursday, March 3, 2022) is on Inner Peace.

The Affirmation is: "The Peace of God is Mine to Call Upon, Always." No matter what is happening in your life in outer ways, follow the example of our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, when He spoke the Word of Truth to the storm and the waves that threatened the small boat that He and the Disciples were traveling in on the Sea of Galilee: "Peace, Be Still." Are you anxious about your health? Respond with Faith and Trust: "Peace, Be Still." Anxious about how your material needs will be met? Wrap yourself in the warmth and safety of God's Love: "Peace, Be Still." This Sunday, our Lesson: "Wake Up & Live" is one of my favorite metaphysical interpretations in the New Testament. I believe you will like it, too! We honor Marshall Hall who is our Sound Board Volunteer; Rick & Patti Halliday and Janet Bailey who are the kitchen angels, making the coffee and setting out our donated "covered dish" entrees for Hospitality every Sunday. Of course, we honor our new Music Director: Ann Louise Christensen (Christensen Music) with her music and loving spirit. We are richly blessed! Let us all hold in our Inner Visions and Prayers the thought that all of us are magnets for our Highest Good and that our group consciousness attracts new visitors and members to Unity Church of the Valley. I know our prayers will be answered! Lovingly, Rev. Jeri Linn Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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