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Turn Your Life Around

Updated: Jun 15

The current weather is warm; but, not unbearable!  This Sunday we celebrate the new Silent Unity booklet "Turn On the Light: the timeless wisdom of Rev.  Eric Butterworth."  Unity Church of the Valley is pleased to offer you a free booklet as a gift.  Rev. Butterworth was a gifted theologian, philosopher and lecturer. He authored 16 best selling books on spiritualities, including Discover the Power Within You, and Spiritual Economics.  One of his books that I have been inspired by is: "In the Flow of Life."

Rev. Butterworth focused on the divinity of all people and his desire was that everyone would know their oneness with God.  His message emphasized the power of positive thinking and the importance of utilizing universal law to manifest prosperity, healing and all good things.

In the flow of Divine Life, Love and Intelligence, we honor a great soul with our studies during June and also July, 2024. We all can have the courage to "Turn our Lives Around!"


Rev. Jeri Linn

Image from Scott Higdon on Unsplash (via Wix)

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