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Turn On The Light

Good News: the latest Silent Unity publication: "Turn On The Light (featuring articles by and about well-known Unity Minister, Rev. Eric Butterworth has arrived in our mail.  Unity Church of the Valley is pleased to give you a copy of this booklet as a gift (if our current supply runs out, I can order more copies from Unity Wholesale Accounts.  I have reviewed the contents of this booklet and believe you would enjoy reading about the life of Rev. Eric Butterworth: an author of many books and articles throughout his career.  Some of my favorite Books by Rev. Butterworth are: Discover the Power Within You, Spiritual Economics, and In The Flow of Life.

Here is a quote from Rev. Eric Butterworth: "You are a creative person with your own unique relationship with the divine flow.  You are always one with the source of boundless ideas, creativity and success."

Remember that the Divine Source is always available to you to bring forth incredible Divine Ideas to your mind and solutions to any challenge in your life. You are Richly Blessed and Certainly Loved Beyond Measure!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image from Alessandro Bianchi via Unsplash (provided by Wix)

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