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Trust the Universe

Lovely Wednesday morning today; however back to the 90s this afternoon! This message is being sent to you a day early because my car is in a repair shop to fix some dents and scrapes and won't be available until Thursday afternoon. It will look like a brand-new car when it is done! I also had the Toyota Care 40,000-mile checkup done last Monday and now feel that my car will be very safe for me to drive to La Quinta, CA for our SW Regional Minister's Conference later in October. We really enjoyed our Guest Musician last Sunday, Richard Ihara! Such a talented, nice man! This Sunday, our Music Director returns from a great mini vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Balloon Festival. Welcome back Ann Louise! The Lesson this Sunday is "Trust the Universe," Think of the Act of Trusting the Universe as your ability to "Let Go of mental & emotional stress" and to just be Open and Receptive the Highest Good that the Universe (God) has already prepared for you. It is the process of releasing what the personal ego mind wants, in order to make room for the Divine Plan in our lives. So, relax, let go and Trust in the Law of Good! God is universally good and the Law of Good is at work in all your affairs. Trust It! You are Loved, Blessed and Appreciated! Rev Jeri Linn We continue prayers for all those families, businesses and churches affected by Hurricane Ian. We are grateful for the 1st Responders & volunteers who are stepping in to help their neighbors!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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