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The Will of God in My Life

Well, no rain today; just clouds! This message is being sent to you a day early because I will be out of the office, tomorrow. But here are a few comments about our Sunday Lesson on January 15, 2023:

Most of us at one time or another in our spiritual seeking have wondered: "What is God's Will for Me?" Here is another question for you to consider: "What can I personally do to express God's Will in my life?" Unity defines God as "One Power and One Presence: Divine Mind; we accept that God is within us (me, you; everyone); we all have Free Will and understand that the thoughts held in our minds are creative and they produce 'after their kind.' Through prayer and meditation, we commune with God. With daily practice we feel connected to the One Power and One Presence; I live the "Truth" that I know about God, the One Power and One Presence.

We will discuss this further with our Lesson on Sunday! I really love to jump into the deep, metaphysical waters of the Unity teachings and hope you will love them, also. Think of Unity's philosophy as "The Practice of Practical Christianity." We regard Jesus Christ as our Elder Brother and Wayshower!

Our wonderful Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen will be here to entertain us with her talent and loving presence! Even if it rains this weekend, we can still enjoy music, prayer, meditation and a Lesson. We have refreshments and fellowship after the service. So, feel free to enjoy "mingling!"

You are Loved and Appreciated!

Rev. Jeri Linn

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