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The Presence of God Within Me

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Greetings Dear Unity Friends & Family: Good News! The "Five Principles for Spiritual Living" have arrived! Receive your free copy of the Silent Unity booklet when you attend the Sunday service on 6 12 2022. We started with Principle One: "God is Absolute Good, everywhere present." Now we are ready to consider Principle Two: "Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within. Their very essence is of God and therefore they are also inherently good." Affirm: "I am the divine energy of God in expression now and always!" Supporting our Sunday service with her time and musical talent is our Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen. Her company is Christensen Music. We also are blessed by our volunteers, Marshall Hall (Sound Board), Patti & Rick Halliday and Janet Bailey with Hospitality duties after the service. But, most of all: We are thankful for your attendance in our Unity services each week. Summertime is here and some of you are entertaining guests or taking a vacation; but we are grateful for your love, willingness to volunteer, Love Offerings and Tithe Blessings. You are appreciated! This message is being sent to you a day early as tomorrow, I have an eye appointment with a Retina Specialist in Glendale and I'm not sure how much of my normal workday will be spent in his office, Loving Blessings and Focus on God All the Time!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by poszarobert from Pixabay

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