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The Presence of God Watches Over Us

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Be sure to add the citizens of South Florida in your prayers for safety from Hurricane Idalia (high tides, tornadoes and flooding have all been reported). We want to enfold people, property and animals in our prayers for protection.

We continue to pray with the people of Maui and Lanai, Hawaii, as well as they are being assisted in locating missing relatives and neighbors after the devastating fires and winds.

Painting of palm trees on a beach with dark clouds dispersing to show a vibrant and colorful sunset (AI generated image)
Storms dissipate to reveal ever-presence

Our lesson this coming Sunday is: The Presence of God. We remember that the Power of God is always within us. One of the contributing authors to our Silent Unity booklet (The Prayer for Protection - A Beloved Prayer Brought to Life) points out that "There is no separation between God and me. Oneness itself is our Truth."

Can you recall the times in your life when you truly felt the Presence of God in yourself, in others or in a seeming appearance of lack or limitation? Did you feel anxiety or fear? Did you feel safe and secure?

We are all Divine Beings expressing in a physical body during our time on this earth plane and we grow with those experiences in our interactions with the world, our families and friends.

I Behold the Christ Within You and know that is exactly who you came here to Be!


Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Amy Art-Dreams from Pixabay

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