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Soul Journeys

Yes, we are experiencing chilly weather here in the Montrose - La Crescenta, La Canada communities: But, possibly, we will have sunshine and close to 70 degrees on Saturday and Sunday! We have been sharing ideas on the topic of Love: self-love and loving relationships with others. Tentatively, there will be an infant christening service at the beginning of our service this Sunday. But, if they show (parents and 1 yr old daughter, well and good; and if they made other arrangements, I still consider it all in Divine Order. I have left numerous messages for the mother, with no response, as of today.

But, the whole opportunity to bless a young life, brought the whole topic of "How many journeys from the Heart of God, our Creator (Father-Mother God) have we all experienced?? Questions arise: "What is the purpose of experiencing the movement of Spirit from the Kingdom of Heaven, to take a physical body and using Free Will, making certain choices from one lifetime to the next lifetime?"

Haven't you ever had the experience as a child, playing a game and the thought flashed through your mind of: "How many times do I have to go through this game?" Personally, I accept the idea of Reincarnation (life, after life); but, I also respect the fact that perhaps you could feel uncomfortable with the possibility. Charles Fillmore stated simply that Reincarnation was the chance to "do better." Reincarnation is not the goal; but, like a game of basketball as a youngster, you have a chance for a "do over!"

These are interesting possibilities and I trust that people who are attracted to Unity will be at least "curious" about the concept of the Soul choosing to make a journey (more than just once) in the physical world.

Our Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen will inspire us with beautiful music in our Sunday service. We also have Hospitality after the service in Chaffee Hall.

Loving Blessing to you in your Journey of Life!

Rev. Jeri Linn

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