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Small Steady Steps

Our Lesson on Sunday, July 23rd is based on an inspirational article in our current Silent Unity booklet: "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, "Small, Steady Steps." Perhaps, you would like to jump-start the blessings and miracles in your life; but, experience on our spiritual journey in our lives teaches us that it is in wisdom to take one small step at a time. Our life is a journey: sometimes steep and challenging, and at other times, sweet and light as we rise above personal challenges to find a peaceful, joyful journey in the place of former challenges. One of the songs we are singing during the month of July is: "I Am Free, I Am Unlimited."

one set of footprints on the wavy sand to the shore with the sunset

It is a beloved song in Unity and one of my favorites because it really is an affirmation that helps us create the Truth of our own Indwelling Spiritual Nature (the Christ Within): "I am free; I am unlimited. There are no chains that bind me!" God Bless You as you Soar through your life on the currents of Divine Love, Energy and Enlightenment, Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

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