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Shifting Our Thoughts

We are making steady progress through our current Silent Unity booklet: "Healing in a Thousand Different Ways." This Sunday our Lesson is on "Shifting Our Thoughts to enhance our own healing experience and to be a channel of love, forgiveness and understanding for others.

When you sit quietly in prayer and meditation, think of your subconscious mind as your "mental basement."  It contains a great collection of memories from your early, formative years; experiences in relationships; your early desires to focus on your purpose in this current life; how your family and friends have influenced your life, your fondest goals, etc.

Mind is everything: The creative power that we all have is actually God in Action within our own being.  The easiest way to understand the potential to create our experiences are the words from our Elder Brother, Jesus: "The Father and I are One."

This same connection with your Father-Mother God is within you, as well. To quote Charles Fillmore in The Revealing Word:

"By the term Mind, we mean God - the Universal Principle ...we are the offspring of the one Mind, which is the starting point of every act, thought and feeling, the common meeting ground of God and man."

In Truth, we have all creative power in our Mind, a reflection of Divine Mind.  God is Mind, Idea and Expression and you are also Mind, the perfect Idea and the Expression (the Holy Spirit). 

Our Spiritual Home Work is to clear out the garbage in our mental basement; know that fear, anger, jealousy, etc are errors and through your ability to forgive and eliminate these error thoughts, you are clearing the way for healing thoughts of peace, love, compassion and true creativity (Divine Right Action) to replace the errors/mistaken judgements.  Quite literally, we can become new Beings of Christ.

Stay tuned for more ideas on "Shifting Our Thoughts" on Sunday, 4 28 2024,

Love Each One of You,

Rev. Jeri Linn

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