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Self-Care and Self-Forgiveness

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" After the rain and "Marine Layer Days," it always puts all of us in a good mood when we have a Southern California sunny day! Let's affirm continued good weather for our Sunday service on April 3, 2022!

Our Lenten Study Booklet from Silent Unity, "Release and Renew 2022... A Spiritual Practice for Lent," has a beautiful message for today on the topic of: "I release thoughts or fears of illness." In today's message, we are encouraged to "... choose our thoughts more intentionally. When we are physically out of balance it becomes even more important to deliberately calm our minds. With intensive thoughts on wellness and harmony, our bodies will connect with and attune to higher vibration."

A popular term for harmony and wellness is: "Self-Care." That means taking time out of your busy schedule for rest, fun and relaxation. Self-Care may include a spa day or even a weekend meditation retreat or a day trip to the mountains or even to the ocean. However, I believe that the most important step in Self-Care is in spending time on Self-Forgiveness. Too often, all of us spend time on memories of incidents "when, I wish had responded differently." You might freely forgive the slights of others toward you; however, have you forgiven yourself for speaking curtly to others? Or having feelings of impatience with your neighbors, loved ones or those who do their best to support you? Think of Self-Forgiveness as the Higher Vibration of Self-Care. As you forgive yourself for your own errors, it will be easier to move forward on your personal path of peace and Christ consciousness.

Christensen Music (Ann Louise Christensen) supports our service with inspired original music and music from our Wings of Song and other popular musicians as well.

Supporting our Sunday Lesson are the following dedicated volunteers: Marshall Hall, operating our Sound Board; Rick & Patti Halliday and Janet Bailey in Chaffee Hall, setting up our coffee and refreshments. This Sunday is Birthday Sunday for April Birthdays, so come and sing Happy Birthday!! Patti Halliday is bringing a delicious, homemade recipe for our enjoyment!

We continue to join Silent Unity in prayers of loving support for the Ukraine, trusting in God's Power to bring peace and freedom to all concerned. Here is the Silent Unity Prayer: "OUR HEARTS JOIN TOGETHER IN PRAYER FOR THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE. WE HOLD THE HIGHEST VISION FOR PEACE AND TRANQUILITY! WE GIVE THANKS KNOWING THAT GOD IS PRESENT IN EVERY SITUATION."

Note: 21 Nations are participating in daily prayer for the Ukraine. In the United States, our Prayer Time is 6:00 p.m.

In Peace and Unity,

Rev. Jeri Linn

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