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Scientific Prayer

For the Month of May, 2023, our Sunday Lessons will be on the theme of Effectual Prayer Treatments ... a la the "Unity method of Scientific Prayer." Unity is based on prayer; but, our prayers are not ones of begging God for help, or bargaining with God (i.e., "I promise I will quit smoking if you just help with my immediate prayer request, God.") Unity defines God as the One Power and One Presence that is Absolute Good. God does not judge you or punish you if you make poor choices in your life. Students of Unity believe that God is: Love, Life, Wisdom, Power and Substance. God is truly our Abundant Resource for all that comes into our life. Trust your Absolute Source of All that you need for health and happiness.

We are fortunate to have our Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen (Christensen Music) every Sunday. Her music compliments our Sunday services every week, so that we have a complete presentation of music, prayer, meditation and a Unity topic Lesson. We also offer fellowship after the service where we enjoy covered dish donations of appetizers, salads, side dishes, ice tea or coffee and desserts. We jokingly call our Hospitality our "Weekly Miracle!" You are always welcome at our Sunday services and for our Hospitality in Chaffee Hall.

We honor our Mothers on 5 14 2023 this month. Whether your mother is still present on this plane of life or if she has made her transition, we hold all mothers in prayers of Divine Love.

God Blesses You, Now, Dear One and in our Consciousness of Prayer, we give thanks for all that is Good and Lasting to appear in your life, here and now!

Peace Be With You,

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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