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Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

We are blessed with a beautiful day, today! I trust that wherever you live, you are also feeling the sense of the Fall season, that time of the year filled with the rich colors of the leaves and what we all anticipate: cooler temperatures!

This Sunday, 10 29 2023, we highlight more teachings from our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, in the Sermon on the Mount. I hope that you have ordered a copy of The Sermon on the Mount, by Emmet Fox, because even though last Sunday (10 22 2023) we finished with the basic list of the Beatitudes, Emmet Fox continues to share with His Disciples and the crowd that has gathered to listen, more comparisons in everyday life that have deep, spiritual significance, such as "You are the salt of the earth; ye are the light of the world; let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matthew V)

On November 5, 2023, we do the traditional "Fall back" from Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Our Sunday Lessons in November will be on "The Healing Power of Gratitude." Also, I have ordered copies of "The Sweetest Christmas" booklet from Silent Unity as our study booklet for Advent and Christmas. Advent is the spiritual preparation for the Christmas season when we celebrate the birth of the Christ within each of us.

Rich Blessings to all of you and know that you are valued and appreciated!

Rev. Jeri Linn

the earth and sun in space

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