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Resolutions = Evolutions!

Good News, the sun is starting to peak through the clouds here in Montrose - La Crescenta, CA area! Weather forecast is for more rain later today and tonight; but we are expecting the heavy rain to clear out by Friday and there is a promise of a clear Saturday and Sunday, so please come to church on Sunday! Our service begins at 11:30 a.m.

Last Sunday was New Year's Day and we celebrated with our Annual Unity Burning Bowl Service: writing our Elimination Lists, tearing them up and burning them in our Unity Burning Bowl. What fun! The next step was to write our Letter to God, listing all that we desired for the New Year of 2023 (in all areas of life). We folded our Letters to God and placed them in envelopes which we self-addressed and turned in at the end of the service. The Letters to God remain in our church office where they receive Prayer Treatments every day: In six months, I will mail the Letters to God back to you. So, expect your letters in your mail, the first week of June 2023!

This Sunday, we follow up on the idea of making a New Year's Resolution: "Resolutions = Evolutions!" When we focus our intent upon the sincere wishes of our hearts and make it our

commitment to "Resolve to experience something even better than we had in the past, we are actually Evolving. We are happy to embrace new ideas, deepen our relationships, praise our bodies into greater health, open our minds to gratefulness with Abundance, and trust the "Still, Small Voice within us to guide us in our new, improved life experiences in the New Year! We are Evolving! We Evolve into a happier, more inspired and joyous life experience. We bless the past and give thanks for all we have learned from the past ... Now, we graduate or Evolve into a Higher plane of existence!

Our talented Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen plays inspiring music for us this Sunday and most Sundays during the month. Note: If you are looking for an experienced Piano Teacher for yourself, a friend, or a young person, speak to Ann Louise on Sunday and consider taking a class from her. You are never too old to learn a new skill!!

You are Loved Beyond Measure,

Rev. Jeri Linn

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