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Let Go of Being Right

The Lesson is "Let Go of Being Right."  If you have a copy of our Lenten Study Booklet you will find a wonderful article by Rev. Ellen Debenport of "Jesus Let Go of Being Right."  This is a common struggle for most of us ... We sincerely want to be right!!

When we examine the New Testament Scriptures of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we wonder why didn't Jesus defend himself and soothe the hostile accusations that He was facing?  Even when faced with criticism, he didn't have to prove Himself right. He let His work speak for itself, Truth is Truth and no amount of criticism will dilute or remove the healing power of Truth.  The Truth that is God, the One Power and One Presence is Eternal.

Our new Music Director is Richard Ihara and we are so thankful for his talented presentations of the Sunday morning music that inspires us and I believe supports the prayer requests for peace, overcoming challenges, healing and spiritual guidance.

God is Blessing You, All the Time and

I Love You!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image from Pixabay (Editor's Choice!)

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