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Jesus Released Fear

We enjoyed sprinkles and then a heavy downpour of rain, only to give way to sunny skies.  I think the "message" is: "Be flexible and willing to practice Non-Resistance with the weather and Bless it all." 

Our Lesson this coming Sunday (March 10, 2024), shares incidents in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus clearly demonstrated His own strength and courage and continued to teach His Disciples to do the same.  Yes, I am sure that our Elder Brother was very aware of the "Drama" that would soon take place, yet, He was not afraid and reminded His Disciples (especially Peter, who represents "Faith" to stand strong, as well).

We are blessed with our new Music Director, Richard Ihara.  He is a wonderful Music Director, exhibiting much experience and skill on the Baby Grand Piano; but a kind and compassionate heart, as well.

God is Blessing Each One of You with the Divine Light Within You and You Are Radiant with the Christ Consciousness.  I see it every time we join together in prayer, meditation and even in our Hospitality, following the Sunday service.  

I Am Grateful!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Gosia K. from Pixabay

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