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Healing from Trauma

"May Gray" is still with us for a little while; but sunshine and warmer weather is in the local forecast, so cheer up and perhaps you could take advantage of the beautiful blooms in Descanso Gardens!! Wherever you are, embrace the beauty within your mind and soul and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, as well.  We are so richly blessed to live in Southern California.

Our Lesson this coming Sunday is inspired by an article in our Silent Unity booklet: "Healing A Thousand Different Ways."  The article is on the topic of "Healing from Trauma."  As part of our soul growth in this present lifetime, we will experience various degrees of "Trauma." It could take the form of childhood events that give us nightmares or an upset stomach, or we could even experience an accident on our bicycle or being a passenger in an automobile accident, or have an unexpected health challenge that requires medical treatment, etc. Growing up, I took many a fall from the back of my horse!  I not only had the wind knocked out of me; but, I know that my spills were also traumatic for my parents, as well!

The important point to remember in recovering from any form of trauma in our human experience is pointed out in the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans: "Do not be confirmed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God -- what is good and acceptable and perfect." (Romans 12:2) This is one of Charles Fillmore's favorite quotes and simply understood, it means that we are required to renew and shift our thinking about any circumstance in our life.

In Sunday's Lesson we will discuss the steps that we all can take to recover from any trauma of past or present.  We will enjoy healing and inspirational music from Richard Ihara, our new Music Director, some time for meditation and prayer.

Unity Church of the Valley and the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) have similar philosophies in the New Thought tradition, and I believe that we can honor each other's history and support each other's congregation when there is a need for prayer, compassion and healing.  You might find it interesting that Emma Curtis Hopkins, who graduated from college when she was 15 years old, started a metaphysical class and class members included Ernest Holmes (founder of Science of Mind aka Religious Science), Charles and Myrtle Fillmore (co-founders of Unity), Nona Brooks (founder of Divine Science and Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science) were all classmates.  I would have loved to have been one of those incredible classmates, wouldn't you? 

God's Blessings to all of you as our souls continue to evolve into higher frequencies of Love, Divine Intelligence and Spiritual Power.  The Best is Truly Yet to Be!

Rev. Jeri Linn

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