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Gratitude for Love & Harmony

We are soon approaching the Thanksgiving holiday and I have already learned that several members of our church are preparing for company over the holiday...getting the spare bedroom ready for guests, buying ingredients for the big feast on Thanksgiving Day, etc!

Suggestion: That you begin each morning listing at least five (5) things that you are grateful for one (1) thing comes to mind, keep writing your gratitude list. This is an easy way to bring up to your conscious mind all the many ways you are already blessed with. Yes, your life is much better than you may have been acknowledged in the past. Keep your daily Gratitude Lists handy!

Our Lesson this coming Sunday is one of the series on "Gratitude." We will discuss Love & Harmony. Perhaps you desire better communication with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. This desire springs from the spiritual power of Divine Love ... for God is Love and this quality is one of our 12 Powers of Man. Charles Fillmore (co-founder of Unity) states that "Love is the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family. Of all the attributes of God, love is undoubtedly the most beautiful. Remember that in Divine Mind, Love is the power that joins and binds everything in the Universe in Divine Harmony.

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