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Gifts from our Past

Our sunny morning has gone into hiding with clouds that look suspiciously like rain clouds. The cold winds outside my office prompted me to button up the top button of my raincoat! The Good News is: As far as I know, we will enjoy sunshine this weekend (I faithfully follow Dallas Raines on ABC, Channel 7 TV).

Our Lesson: "Your Past Wisdom" is a time to reflect on your life experiences in relationships, health; creative endeavors; volunteerism; times of success and even so called "failures." I know that every experience in our lives has brought a "gift" to us. Often, it is only in looking back over our past, to identify the "gifts" we have received.

In your Sunday Bulletin, you will receive a Past Wisdom Worksheet that you can use to list as many of the "gifts" of wisdom that you remember receiving over the years. We will have time to complete our Past Wisdom Worksheets and, as you feel comfortable; there will be time for sharing a few of our Past Wisdom Highlights.

Key Point as you participate in this process: Know that God, our Source, is Universal Wisdom/Divine Intelligence; the One Power and the One Presence; God is also Life, Love, and Substance. At the moment of conception, every human being has received the Greatest Gift of All: The Gift of Free Will. It is a Metaphysical axiom, that our present Life Experience is the result of the series of choices we have made. Reflecting over our past wisdom, reveals our successful life choices and also brings to the surface of our conscious mind, the life choices that clearly were not made "in wisdom." God, as Creator or Source, contains both masculine and feminine traits. As souls, we want to experience both "Father Mind" and the "Divine Feminine."

I look forward to sharing this contemplative lesson with you this Sunday. Ann Louise Christensen is our wonderful Music Director. We will enjoy her meditation music and her inspirational music as well.

Our "Life" as a congregation is a spiritual journey and I am honored to make it with you, as I know that in the process, I am also blessed with rich gifts of wisdom, love, creativity and compassion.

Rev. Jeri Linn

For Your Consideration: Our Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen, will be the pianist at a performance sponsored by Friends of Music, from The Great American Songbook at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, 585 E. Colorado Blvd. (at Madison Ave) this Saturday, 1 21 2023 at 7:30 p.m. It is advertised as Free Admission; but, I believe there will be a Freewill Love Offering at the conclusion of the concert. For more information, call (626) 793 - 2191

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