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Feeling is Healing

I trust that you are enjoying the articles in our present Silent Unity booklet: "Healing in a Thousand Different Ways."  I have already received positive feedback from members of our congregation on the very helpful and touching articles in the booklet.

This Sunday, we will pray, sing and meditate on the topic of how important our "feelings are in assisting us in staying focused on our Spiritual Path.  Some of us, at a very young age, were encouraged to "bury their feelings," and probably were "scolded" by adults if they did express their feelings.

In the article written by Rev. Elizabeth Longo, shares an inciteful thought: "You cannot heal what you are not willing to feel." She also adds: "Healing has many layers: It is mental, emotional, physical and energetic." Let us all commit to being willing and courageous to do the work to 'heal any wounds that we have and feel grateful that Divine Love, Divine Intelligence is always working on our behalf.  Being willing to do the work to heal the wounds, feel the feelings and change the beliefs that cause our suffering. 

Now is the time to let the Divine Light into our minds and hearts and be the beautiful, radiant souls we were created to be!


Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Nik on Unsplash (via Wix)

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