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Every Prayer Brings Healing

It is a warm, beautiful day, today! Let's hold good thoughts for a beautiful Sunday, as well.  We are drawing our Sunday Lessons from the Silent Unity booklet: "Healing in a Thousand Different Ways."  Our Lesson on Mother's Day, 5 12 2024 is "Every Prayer Brings Healing."

My dear mother made her transition 17 years ago.  She had asked me to officiate at her Celebration of Life Service that was held near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It was a difficult thing for me to do; but, I had made a promise to my mother that I would use Unity prayers, poetry and draw upon the Holy Spirit for Divine Blessings for her, family and friends who had traveled to be present. Spirit worked through me to honor my mother's wishes and the entire service was uplifting and a blessing for everyone gathered at the funeral home. Her request for special music at her service was the song: "Forever Young," by Rod Stewart.  She had told all of us in our family that was how she wanted us to remember her.

Sunday is Mother's Day and my heartfelt wish for you is to remember your mother as a free, forever young in Spirit soul: "Free with the Freedom of Spirit." If your mother is still here on this earth plane, hold her lovingly in your mind and heart.

Gentlemen, Father's Day is June 16th and we will honor them as strong, wise and loving protectors, guiding us with "Intelligence and Love" from childhood into adulthood.

In the words of Author Marianne Williamson: "You are Loved Beyond Measure,"

Rev. Jeri Linn

praying woman in silhouette with shining light behind and glowing heart within

Image from John Hain on Pixabay

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