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Eternal Gratitude

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to you, today. I trust that you will find time to list at least five (5) things that you are grateful for as we are winding down for 2023 and preparing for Christmas and of course, our annual Unity Burning Bowl Service on 12 31 2023.

In my family we have experienced both joy with the birth of a new little girl (now 10 months old, named Matilda Maeve (Tilda for short!) We have also experienced sorrow in the unexpected passing of my 2nd cousin, "Shelly" who was struck by a truck as she was jogging and attempting to cross a busy highway. My Great Aunt, Sherry, called me to let me know what had happened. It was a totally unexpected passing for a family member who was deeply loved.

The night that I heard the news, I prayed for Shelly and felt peaceful in that she had immediately left her physical body when she was struck by the truck. I felt a very gentle and loving light had lifted her into the Kingdom of Heaven and sent an email to my Aunt Sherry to comfort her and the other members of our family.

Our souls are Eternal: we take on a human form, sometimes female, sometimes male on our journey of spiritual growth, ever evolving in our spiritual consciousness of the "All-ness" of the Life of God within us. Our human self feels the loss of a loved one; but, as we continue to embrace our One-ness with close family and friends we know that our parting with a loved one is only temporary. I do believe that we will connect with our loved ones and our pets in the great dimension that Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven.

With thoughts of the gifts of our family and friends this Holiday time, let us embrace all of life's love, wisdom, joy and sorrow and feel grateful every day.

Dear Ones, you are loved and blessed each and every moment of your life!!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Ann from Unsplash, provided by Wix

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