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Divine Life Force

Welcome to the new month of June, today!! The weather is foggy and the "May Gray" is hanging on for a bit longer!! Weather forecasters state that sunny, warm weather will come, "soon."

Our Lesson theme for June promotes the spiritual healing practices based upon the Faith and Intelligence of our co-founders: Charles & Myrtle Fillmore. Unity is referred to as the "Practical Christianity" Ministry and there are study groups, small, medium and large ministries in most of the United States and in many foreign countries, as well.

Just think about the life changing power of collective prayer. This healing energy is the expression of the divine life force within all human beings, creatures of the air, the oceans, all plant and mineral life as well. In fact, the Presence of God is Everywhere Present. The Presence of God is within every cell in your body temple and lovingly seeks to flow in and through you. First thing in the morning, affirm out loud (in front of a mirror): "Life!, Life!, Life!

dove illumined by white light, radiating in yellow and blue (AI generated)

We are enjoying our Guest Musician, Richard Ihara, while Ann Louise Christensen is on vacation in Italy with her husband Eugene (Geno). Geno's daughter is getting married in Italy ... a true "Destination Wedding!" I believe that it will be a blessing for Geno to give his daughter away in marriage!

Also, we celebrate June Birthdays this Sunday, which is always of fun celebration!

Be Well and Know that You are Loved!!!

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image by Ronald Sandino from Pixabay

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