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Change is not to be feared

The sun keeps trying to shine through the cloudy sky... at least it is encouraging and lifting my spirits! As far as I know, we will enjoy a pleasant weekend before the next heavy rainfall visits Southern California!

Coincidentally, our Lesson this coming Sunday (3 26 2023) is based on the topic: "Fear of Change" from our 2023 Lenten booklet: "40 Days of Letting Go." It seems to be part of our human condition to immediately resist any change in our routine. I have to laugh at my own reactions to changes with something like: "I just got everything easy and comfortable in my life and now look at the changes that have disrupted my nice, quiet life!" Well, in our earthly existence, there is nothing so permanent as 'change,' my friends! Try this simple affirmation and see if it helps you relax, breathe deeply and embrace any changes (expected and also the unexpected changes): "This is my day. I am courageous and trust my inner power." (from the message on "I Let Go of fear of change" in our Lenten study book. I would like to add: "All is in Divine Order in my life and affairs. I am at peace." We are certainly resilient folks in Unity Truth studies. As another favorite saying states: "Go with the flow, dear one!"

We are grateful for our Music Director, Ann Louise Christensen and with our loving volunteers who make every Sunday a joyful celebration. May peace fill your soul, Rev. Jeri Linn

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