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Blessed Easter

Yes, Thank You Loving Spirit that our Easter Sunday celebration is now here.  In Unity's metaphysical interpretation of the events dramatically portrayed at the Last Supper, Jesus' crucifixion, entombment and resurrection is actually a story of our own lives. We can understand the feelings of loss, darkness and new life because we cycle through the same process time and again in our human lifetimes.

We all experience deaths: of loved ones, of hope, of personal plans; deaths of the life as we know it when everything suddenly changes; it could be a death of a job, of personal relationship, the loss of what is familiar and comforting.

Remember the Truth that our lives are eternal and continue far beyond this physical existence.  With Easter, we are reminded that nothing stays dark forever.  New days always dawn for us.  From our Elder Brother's time in the tomb we understand that our inner call is: "Show me the good! Help me create a new day and a new life!"

My prayer with each one of you is that you experience Easter as an opportunity to embrace fully the healing, transforming experience of the Holy Spirit and know that your life is truly eternal.

Loving Blessings,

Rev. Jeri Linn

Image from Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash (via Wix)

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